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Claire Me At Six
8 September 1992
My name is Claire I am seventeen and I live in the southwest of England but I don't sound like a farmer. I wish I did tho. I like vag and dick and lattes. and lindt lindor and those Malteasers bunny things. My priorities are fucked and I have the attention span of a goldfish. My bedroom floor is covered in paint. Oh yeah I really like that man called Adam Lambert. I have the best wife in the whole world. I love history, I find the first half of the 20th cetury europe and russia like the most interesting thing ever. I can't remember the last time I went to bed before 2AM and when I have college I live on around three hours sleep apart from at the weekend. Where I sleep for approximately 12 hours a night. I love my home town. I love the countryside. And the mountains. I make a lot of typos. I'm scared of spiders and wasps. My hair is an awkward reddy brown colour. Uhm. I've ran out of things to say about myself. Damn~

My LJ entries are the most pointless things you'll ever read.